We are helping people who wants to make an import and export from finding the goods to all process in business as quality control, loading, shipment and custom.


  1. In order to establish an efficient way of business here, you need to know China’s working procedures and culture as well as trading rules. Because sometimes it’s not even enough to be able to speak their language to communicate.
  2. You have to secure the factory very carefully and pay maximum attention to the contract details. The product can be high quality, the manufacturer can be very reliable but their service also takes a very important role in the operations. For instance to the service, delivery time of the product, shipment issues, spare part guarantee, technical support, and instant answers to your questions. As you know, they can return your money back but not your time.
  3. You need to know every single detail about the customs regulations of your product. As a result, you might need an experienced customs company.
  4. You need to be aware of the risks that you can take without knowing. Especially when you do research from the websites that you can contact B2B online. Most of the advertised trade companies in these kind of websites are not even a real company and advertised by false informations.
  5. We suggest you to arrange a meeting with your manufacturer face to face or send an expert to the factory for a meeting before placing your order. This process makes everything much formal. Meeting people in person, have a friendly business dinner and have a friendship with your supplier have always been a very important detail.
  6. There has to be a last control before shipment loads to the container. This is a very important thing especially if it’s your first time working with the supplier. The biggest problems in this business are to have missing products in your shipment ( quantity or weight), wrong packing and product quality.
  7. You need to have enough knowledge of the international import documents. That’s why all the quality documents and shipment documents need to be double checked with the factories that you visited or the suppliers found from internet.