We are working hard in china with our team who speak efficiently Turkish, English, Chinese, German, Russian, French to give you a best service.


1- Product and Price Research

We find the right manufacturers for the product that you are looking for. We start following it up by sending emails, collecting informations about the factory and their product quality. We send you a detailed product and factory report after our one week long research. We can easily assure you that by our detailed research, OMC is capable of protecting you from the phony companies that have been advertised on the internet, from the unreliable trade companies to save your time and money.

2- Factory Inspection

Let’s say; you already did a research about the product that you were interested in, but you still have hesitations with the factory itself and the quality they provide. You definetely don’t need to come over to China just to check everything yourself and double your expenses and time loss. Our experts will pay a visit to the factories and do the inspections and report it to you with their expertise ideas, the pictures of product and the manufacturer company.

3- Product and Quality Inspection

You find the product you want to import and everything is ready at the production level. If you request a quality control during the production, we do all the inspections and send samples to you if it’s necessary. All our inspections are done by our quality control experts.

4- Shipment and Last Controls

This service is a must from our point of view. After placing your order to the factory, we usually are informed by them when the products are ready for shipment. We make sure if the products fit in your standarts and to your satisfaction, we make sure measurements, quantities, weights match with your previous requirements. After these last minute controls, we get ready to be at the container area for loading process with the manufacturer and take necessary pictures and videos to send you.

5- Other Services

  • A) Interpreting and Guiding

    You come to China from your far away country to do business and you need help for your factory visits, contracts and participation to the exhibitions or you wondered the beauty and fascinating culture of China and came here to explore and learn more. Please don’t forget, OMC is always at your service with our interpreting and guiding options.

  • B) Establishing company

    You want to invest and start your own company in China. We present you investor solutions, work with you to make your operations easy and minimize your expenses.