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People’s Republic of China has became the heart of the world trade after people realized the importance of international trade and the fact of how big China’s share in the world market.

Most of the import & export companies in the world are doing researches in China in a large variety of sectors. Their target is to find the right consumers, to continue their work in the areas of import and export and to gain a good reputation in both. But unfortunately, most of them come face to face with a lot of problem because of the unexpected challenges, for instance; a tiny problem with the product quality, delayed shipments, communication with the locals and more importantly misunderstandings between the companies which causes massive problems on the production contracts. That’s why, our top priority is to make sure that we are clear enough about the right combination of Chinese business culture and Western business culture.

OMC import, export and consulting company has been established by qualified and experienced people and our duty is to help our customers to do business without a tiny problem and to help them to reach the maximum yield in their business.